Sapphire Palace Play Guide

Sapphire Palace Play Guide

How to play The Sapphire Palace

Click here if you have questions about accessing your game. 


Team Suggestions:
We strongly recommend playing on a team of 4 if possible. If not, aim for a team of 3-5 players. There are currently no team size restrictions, but the game experience may not be as good with a group outside of the recommended range.

For the best experience, each player should play from their own device.

Browser & Device Suggestions:
We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as your browser while playing this game. We recommend using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

We encourage you to play on a computer for the best experience, but you can play on a tablet or mobile device. As the Sapphire Palace is a very interactive game, all players should use their own device for the best experience.

Game Link:
Your Team Captain or Group Organizer should have sent you a player invitation email or shared a unique game link with you. Click the yellow PLAY button in the invite email or the game link to join. Then, click your name on the page to enter the "lobby" while you wait for the rest of your team to assemble!

Every player on the team will be able to access the game in their own browser. We do not recommend sharing screens and having only one person navigate the game. Due to the interactive nature of the Sapphire Palace, it is strongly recommended that all players play on their own device!

Get on your team's video conference.
If you don't know each other, please introduce yourself! If your Group Organizer or Team Captain added a video conference link to your team details in the GAP, you will be able to find the link on the lobby page or in your invitation email. If you did not have a video conference link included in your team details, please coordinate with your teammates to join a video conference of your choosing (Zoom, Facetime, Google Meets, etc.). 

Get set up:
We recommend adjusting the window size of your browser (where you play the game) and your video conference screen (gallery mode recommended!) so you can split the screen and see both at the same time! Here is an example:

Assemble your materials.
Grab a pen or pencil and some scratch paper. (Some players like to use note taking software and/or shared spreadsheets.)

Travel to the Palace
From the "lobby" page click the blue "GO TO THE SAPPHIRE PALACE" button when everyone is ready to start. This will take you to the Sapphire Palace to begin your game. The game timer starts when the first player on the team enters the Palace.


To escape this “Palace,” collaborate with your teammates to solve all the puzzles. Click around to find clues and interact with the space. 

Read the guidance from ANGEL in letters found in each room and in the text box on the left of the screen. 

Working together, listening to each other, and delegating tasks will be essential to your escape.


Each puzzle takes place in its own room. To move between rooms, click the doorways (once unlocked). You can click different elements in a room to view or interact with them as needed.

To proceed to the next puzzle, exit the room for the puzzle you just solved. The text on the left side of the screen will direct you to the next room. There may also be an illuminated doorway. 


If you need help, hints will be available by clicking the LIGHT BULB above the room. These hints are TIME RELEASED, so be on the lookout for a flashing light bulb. There is NO PENALTY for using a hint. The third hint is the ANSWER.


The game clock at the top of the screen shows the elapsed time. 

You can PAUSE the game if needed by clicking the pause button on the upper right side of the screen. This will pause the game for all players on the team. To resume the game, click RESUME.

The more puzzles you solve, the better your score will be. You will also be rewarded bonus points according to how fast you solve the puzzles.

If you experience a technical problem, please email

Play Tips:

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