What's New in the Game Administrator Portal

What's New in the Game Administrator Portal

February 3, 2022 Update
  1. Team Assignment Method Option
    1. Choose between Express Team Assignment with Team Codes or Pre Assign Players in Advance.* Each Team Assignment Option comes with a different GAP set up flow.
      1. Express Team Assignment with Team Codes: This is the most flexible method and allows for ad hoc team assignments. Simply create the number of team codes needed for your group (you can always add more as needed) and share the team codes with teams at the time of the game. Players will use the code on the Join Game page to join the team. With this method, you do not need to pre-assign players to teams by name and email. Learn more about this team assignment method here.
      2. Pre Assign Players in Advance: Preassign players to teams in GAP in advance. This is the original team assignment method. This method is good if you know who will be playing and don't expect team assignments to change at the last minute. Players access the game via a unique URL that can be shared via invite email or you can copy and paste from the GAP.
    2. *Please note:  If you switch between assignment methods, you will lose any saved player or team information you may have added. You cannot change the Team Assignment Method once a team has used a join code or started a game.

December 13, 2021 Update
  1. Save the Date
    1. Organizers can now send a Save the Date email to all possible participants with a calendar attachment and event info.
      1. Save the Date email contains:
        1. Calendar attachment
        2. Date and time of Event
        3. Game name and narrative description
        4. Video conference link (optional)
        5. Custom message (optional)
        6. Steps for playing
    2. Please note: Save the Date emails do not contain game links. To send an email with an active game link that participants can use to access the game, Organizers will need to assign teams and send Player Invitation emails (on the Invitations tab).
    3. We recommend sending a Save the Date first to get the event scheduled and waiting to send a Player Invitation email closer to your game start time with the teams are finalized.
  2. Usernames are no longer case senstive.
    1. When you log into the GAP, your email address is no longer case sensitive.
    2. Passwords are still case sensitive.

April 1, 2021 Update
  1. Purchase Additional Players Button
    1. If you'd like to add more player slots to your reservation, you can do so in the GAP!
      1. 1. If you have multiple reservations, make sure you have selected the appropriate reservation from the dropdown list before adding extra players to your order.
      2. 2. Click the "Purchase More Players" button (above the tabs). 
      3. 3. Enter the number of players you wish to add. Then click "Generate invoice" and confirm the addition. 
      4. 4. Click the "Pay Invoice" button to pay the balance for the extra players. Once you make the payment and close out the payment window or tab, your reservation will update.
      5. Add the wrong number of players? You can click the "Cancel" button to cancel the invoice and start over!

February 1, 2021 Updates

  1. Tabs to navigate between the different pages.
    1. Home - View your reservation details, name your reservation, add your organization name (optional), invite Co-Organizers (optional)
    2. Players - Add players to your reservation one at a time or via CSV upload (option to assign teams by Team Name)
    3. Teams - Add / edit / assign teams, schedule start times, add video conferencing links and notes, add Team Captains (optional)
    4. Invitations - Send invitations to players and Team Captains (optional), generate game links (optional)
    5. Leaderboards - Access Private Leaderboard, join Public Leaderboard, join or create Shared Leaderboards
    6. Status - View team info, status, game links, escape times, stat times, scores
  2. Autogenerate teams:
    1. Randomly assign teams on the Teams page by clicking "Autogenerate Teams." 
    2. Only unassigned players will be added to the autogenerated teams.
    3. You will have the option to assign a Team Captain on each autogenerated team (optional)
  3. Drop down menu to navigate between multiple reservations.
    1. If you have multiple reservations, you will have a drop down menu at the top of your homepage. Simply select the reservation you wish to view or edit from this menu.
  4. Co-Organizers:
    1. Invite someone to help you manage your reservation by adding a Co-Organizer on the homepage.
  5. Invitations Page Updates:
    1. Separate tabs for Players and Team Captains (optional)
    2. "Players Invited?" or "Captain Invited" column to keep track of invitations sent

November 10, 2020 Updates

  • Updated user flow. Pages changed from:

  • Team assignments:

    • Team assignments are made by Team Name instead of Team Captain.

    • Team assignments can be made on the Players page or the Teams page

    • Team assignments can be made via CSV upload (download template on Players page)

  • Team Captains:

    • Team Captain assignments are now optionalTeam Captains will have the same capabilities as before if invited.

    • Team Captain assignments are done on the Teams page

    • Easily add or remove a Team Captain without disbanding team.

    • Changes to page names in the Team Captain view:

      • Prepare Team → Invite Players

      • To

      • Team → Invitations

  • Bulk Scheduling:

    • Bulk scheduling and video conference link / note updates can be made on the Teams page

    • Add or edit start times, video conference links / notes all from the same page (Teams page in the Organizer view). It is no longer necessary for an Organizer to update each team's details from their individual Prepare Team pages.

  • Bulk Invites:

    • Easily send Team Captain and Player Invites from the Invitations Page

    • Ability to send all Player invites at once instead of team by team.

    • Can only send player invitations by team. Cannot send invitations to individual players.

  • Generate team game links from the Invitations page in addition to each team’s Team Details page.

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