PALACESPHERE reservations will now have access to 3 different types of leaderboards: private, shared, and public!

Group Organizers have the option to join, create, or access leaderboards from the Join Leaderboard page in the GAP. This page will also have a link to your leaderboard. (You'll only have one leaderboard link. You'll be able to toggle between any leaderboards you have joined on the same page.)

Note: The Leaderboard shows final escape times. For Sapphire Palace it will also show a score. It will be empty until at least one team has completed their game.

Private Leaderboard
Every PALACESPHERE reservation will automatically have its own Private Leaderboard. This leaderboard will include the final times for every team under that reservation.

It is not possible to invite other groups to join your private leaderboard.

Public Leaderboard
The Public Leaderboard will include the teams from any reservation that choose to join. Reservations will automatically be added to the Public Leaderboard. Organizers will have the option to leave the Public Leaderboard on the Join Leaderboards page in the GAP.

Any group may join the Public Leaderboard.

To leave the Public Leaderboard, simply click the checkbox next to "Public Leaderboard" so the box is no longer checked and click the save button.

Shared Leaderboard 
Shared leaderboards are for multiple reservations to join the same leaderboard by invitation only. Organizers can create a shared leaderboard or join an existing shared leaderboard with an invite code on the Join Leaderboards page in the GAP.

Only groups with invitation codes can join a shared leaderboard.

To join an existing leaderboard, enter the leaderboard's invite code in the text box next to the "Join" button on the Join Leaderboard page. Then click "Join". You can get this code from an organizer already on that leaderboard. 

To create a new Shared Leaderboard, enter a name for the leaderboard in the text box next to the "Create" button. Then click "Create". Share the invite code with any other groups you'd like to invite to join your Shared Leaderboard.

After you create the new Shared Leaderboard, you will be able to find the invite code in the list of additional leaderboards under your leaderboard link.

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