Players - How to get started with a Team Code

Players - How to get started with a Team Code


  1. Hop on a video chat: Join the link provided by your Group Organizer in your calendar invitation and Save the Date. If a video chat was not provided by the Group Organizer before your game, please coordinate with your teammates to set up a call before the game.
  2. Join your team! Go to the Join Game page ( Enter your team's join code provided by the Organizer or Host.
  3. Log in. After you enter the team join code, please enter your name and email (optional) to get checked in.
  4. Start the game! Once all of your teammates are ready and on the "lobby" page, click the button on that page to enter the Palace and begin the game!

Questions about the game? Check out a Play Guide before your event!

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      FAQ for the STANDARD TEAM version Ruby Palace, Sapphire Palace and other Jewel Palaces. You can find the Premium version FAQ here. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN PLAY? For the Standard Team option, you may have a maximum of 5 players. You will want at least 2 ...
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      Instructions: Keep an eye on your email! Once the Group Organizer has assigned teams, the Organizer will send you a player invitation email with your unique game link. Hop on a video chat: Join the link provided by your Group Organizer in your ...
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      Each team will have either a unique game link or a unique join code to access the virtual game. The unique game link can be generated and shared in a couple of ways. This link can be shared directly by the Team Captain or Group Organizer or via the ...

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