(Group Organizer) How do I view or edit individual team information?

(Group Organizer) How do I view or edit individual team information?

A Group Organizer can view and edit individual team information on the Teams page, Invitations page, or the View Team Status page. The Organizer can also look at an individual team's details by clicking the linked team name from the Invitations or View Team Status pages.

Teams Page:
On the Teams page, the Organizer can schedule / edit game start times, add / edit video conference links and notes, assign team captains, and make team edits (add players, remove players, add new teams).

Invitations Page:
On the Invitations Page, the Organizer can see team status, generate or copy a team's game links, and send Player Invitations by team. They can select all, some, or one team to send invitations. They can also access an individual team's detail page by clicking the team name.

View Team Status Page:
On the View Team Status Page, the Organizer can click a team name to edit individual team details and see a list of all teams with the following details: 
  1. Team Name
  2. Players on the team
  3. Team Captain (if assigned)
  4. Status (scheduled, unscheduled, in progress, complete)
  5. Start Time (if scheduled or game started)
  6. Escape Time (if game is complete)
  7. Game Links

Individual Team Pages:
If an Organizer clicks to see an individual team's details (from the Invitations or View Team Status pages), they will be taken to the Team page. This is the same page that a Team Captain would see if invited to manage their team in the GAP. The Organizer can make edit to this page if needed

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